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  • Production of plugs
    & level indicators

    The products are manufactured in Italy with quality materials,
    completely machined and turned with automated cycles and subjected to strict controls.

  • The safety of metal

Since 1962, Mintor has been at the forefront in the production of metal caps and level indicators with a wide range of application possibilities in the various sectors of mechanics and hydraulics.


Made in Italy

The products are manufactured in Italy with quality materials, fully machined and turned with automated cycles and subjected to strict controls.

  • Magnetic filters and caps
  • Drain and filling plugs
  • Breather plugs
  • Level indicators

Latest news


Online from 11 to 15 November 2020International exhibition of agricultural machineryTo receive an invitation to participate in the first edition of the EIMA Digital Preview, send an email to info@mintor.com You will receive an invitation to register on the portal. Access is totally free, upon completion of a registration form, managed by the event organizer. Due to the health emergency, the 44th edition of EIMA International has been postponed to 3/7 February 2021. Ahead of this important rendezvous, FederUnacoma promotes the EIMA Digital Preview, in order to offer visitors and exhibitors an update on the agricultural machinery technologies available, as well as a further business opportunity.The EDP will be held on the same days that were initially scheduled for EIMA - from11 to 15 November 2020 - and will take place on a specially created digital platform, constituting a bridge event with the February physical review. By registering, visitors will have free access to the platform to "visit" and contact all the two thousand exhibitors of traditional EIMA who will offer their products. The visitors will also be able to make an appointment for virtual visits. Ample space will be dedicated to training and information meetings with many activities and events. The EDP project aims to ensure that EIMA can increasingly assert its brand as an innovative reality in the current landscape of exhibitions, capable of offering solutions even in times of crisis with tailored services and opportunities to industry stakeholders.https://www.eima.it/en/eima-digital-preview-2020.php  

Who we are

Mintor is aimed directly at manufacturers of machine tools, compressors, gearboxes, gearmotors, lubrication systems, construction, road, earth-moving and agricultural machinery, sheet metal working machines and all other types of industrial machinery.

Mintor has optimized a packaging system that allows the product to deal in a practical and optimal way with the market for the distribution of technical items on points of sale.


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