The Company

Since 1962 a company at the forefront in the field of production of metal caps and level indicators with a wide range of application possibilities in the various sectors of mechanics and hydraulics.

Born from the will of Giancarlo Losi, founder of Mintor, the company has developed thanks to the ability to understand the needs and problems of the new, in an important and constantly evolving sector such as that of the Mechanical Industry.

The Cura Carpignano office, on the outskirts of Pavia, brings together the Administrative, Commercial, Production and, most importantly, Research and Development departments.

Tailor-made products

Alongside a wide range of standard items, there is the availability of tailor-made productions for particular needs. It is also possible to supply the product based on the Customer's design, for pre-established minimum quantities.

Made in Italy

The products are manufactured in Italy with suitable and quality materials, fully machined and turned with automated cycles and subjected to strict controls. This allows for a greater guarantee of sealing, greater resistance to wear over time and, therefore, more advantageous and convenient results for the end user.


Mintor has optimized a packaging system that allows the product to face in a practical and optimal way the market for the distribution of technical items in national and foreign areas.